MPC-150-IM Pilot Phase 2a Trial

Trial Results: MPC-150-IM Pilot Phase 2a Trial in Patients with Advanced Heart Failure Requiring Mechanical Support

The preliminary results of this trial were presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2013 and published in Circulation in June 2014. No patients developed a primary safety event at the trial’s 90-day primary endpoint, nor during the 12- month follow-up period. At the 90 day primary endpoint analysis of the trial, 50% of MPC treated patients were able to successfully tolerate weaning off of LVAD support for 30 minutes compared to 20% in the control group. At 90 days, there were three deaths (30%) in the control group and none in the MPC group. Over the 12 month follow-up period, 85% of MPC patients tolerated one or more temporary LVAD weans, compared to 40% of control patients. Based on these results, the posterior probability that a single injection of the 25 million lowdose of MPCs increased the likelihood of successful weaning is 93%. The duration of temporary LVAD wean, for those who tolerated it, was greater in MPC than control patients at each time point.