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TFN: 1 844 889 MESO
TFN: 1 844 889 6376
T: +1 212 880 2060
F: +1 212 880 2061
E: [email protected]

TFN: 1 800 89 MESO
TFN: 1 800 89 6376
T: +61 3 9639 6036
F: +61 3 9639 6030
E: [email protected]

TFN: 1 844 889 MESO
TFN: 1 800 889 6376
T: +65 6570 0635
F: +65 6570 0176
E: [email protected]

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E: [email protected]

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Clinical Trials Enquiries:

At present, Mesoblast’s cell-based therapies are only available to patients who participate in clinical trials. The doctors in charge of each clinical trial are responsible for deciding whether people are eligible to participate in a trial. Mesoblast is unable to advise people about their medical condition or appropriate treatment. People who are interested in enrolling in clinical trials should discuss it with their own doctor, who can then refer them to the clinical trial doctors, if appropriate.

Links to general information about our ongoing clinical trials are provided below:

About Access to Investigational Medicines

Mesoblast was founded to bring novel adult stem cell therapies to patients with significant unmet medical needs. Regulatory approval of our cell-based products will allow us to provide the greatest benefit to the patients who may need our therapies. Therefore, our primary focus for our investigational medicines is on clinical trial enrollment.

We recognize that there are patients with a serious and immediately life-threatening disease, who have no satisfactory alternative therapy, and for whom clinical trial enrollment is not an option. When possible in these instances, Mesoblast may provide our unapproved, investigational medicines to these patients under what is known as Expanded Access or Compassionate Use.

To learn more, please review the Expanded Access Program Position, and to identify available Mesoblast clinical trials and inclusion criteria, visit

To request more information on our clinical trials not provided on this website, please contact [email protected].

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